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"I'll give you the money. You go get it fixed."

Those were the words of her father when Kelly found herself pregnant at the age of nineteen. What her father didn't know was that she’d already had an abortion over three years earlier and long decided she never wanted to go through that horrible experience again. She became the mother of twin girls just nine days before her twentieth birthday. Her decision, and her girls have blessed her beyond measure! Over the years she suffered silently in shame and guilt, but eventually God walked her out of denial and through grieving the loss of her aborted twins. She was finally able to experience His abundant forgiveness. She could no longer stand the silence and that was when she knew that she had to be a part of this great mission!

In December of 2014, Kelly became Director of The IRMA Network, an after-abortion educational outreach of Tulare-Kings Right to Life. She speaks at area churches and recovery groups about the emotional turmoil that abortion left her with and how God brought her through the pain and into His redeeming love! She has lead bible studies and assisted facilitating after-abortion educational events in Tulare & Kings Counties since 2011. Kelly is convinced that God will turn your mess into a message, if only you will let Him!

Meet the Director

Above with her girl crew: Kelly Quinn:

Mom & Pro-life Worker

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