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Stories of Regret

In their own words...

"NO ONE tried to talk us out of it... by the time I turned 18, I was responsible for three abortions... I came to realize that my demons weren’t in an abortion clinic in Fresno; they were in me." - JP


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Watch Video: Jp's Testimony

"Before I knew it, I was 15 and pregnant... the 'counselor' agreed I only had one option... I aborted my first set of twins... God finally showed me that the abortion had been holding me back." - Kelly


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"The father of my baby changed his mind... I wanted just one person to tell me I could have my baby... I considered ending my life... by God's grace and unfailing love for me, I survived." - Diane


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"This time, I never held my baby... I would hear the sound of a baby crying... I had not forgiven myself... My life was on hold until I dealt with the abortion" - Lesleigh


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Watch Video: Lesleigh's Testimony

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